Court Proceedings

The Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia on Monday 23 March 2015 was presented with compelling arguments from Mr Vella’s legal Team regarding the erroneous position the Minister adopted in cancelling Mr Vella’s Visa on 13 June 2014.

Following a full day of hearing, the Full Court retired to consider their verdicts regarding sections 501C and 503 3of the Migration Act 1958. We are awaiting news of their decision in this long and drawn out battle to have Mr Vella return to his rightful home of 47 years with his family.

Update on Vella’s Battle

In 2000, Alex decided to become an Australian citizen and his appointment was booked in. When he was called into the office he was handed a folder with deportation papers, stating he had 7 days to leave the country. The reason given was bad character.

Alex immediately left and contacted his legal team to see what his options were, Alex has been in Australia from 1967 and his whole family lives in Australia. In the next 7 days Alex and his legal team ensued a legal battle, he was successful and won his right to stay in the country he has called home since 1967… he was granted this as he came to Australia under the British commonwealth.

In 2007, whilst helping his son prepare to fight in Japan, Alex’s resident return visa had expired in his passport. Alex was traveling with his 2 sons and friends when they were attempting to leave Sydney airport for Tokyo Japan. When Alex handed over his passport and they made him aware he said he will not travel and would stay in Sydney. It was then officials came forward and advised its OK he can leave and simply renew at the Australian embassy in Japan. So with that they continued on the journey. Once in Japan Alex went to Embassy to renew and was told he could not be helped as it needs to go to higher officials in Australia. Alex knew then he had been set up. After his sons fight and his family flew home to Australia Alex no option but to fly to Malta to stay with a friend until his legal team ensued another battle with the Australian government to allow this man to return to his home and family. Once again after many weeks of battle they were successful at getting Alex back to his home and family.

Now fast forward to 2014, The laws have changed and Alex boards a flight and meets his son and friends for a holiday in Malta… For some time the police and the Government have hatched a plan to cancel his return visa as soon as he boards a plane ! The reason again bad character! This is the same reason on all 3 occasions yet no circumstances have changed, no charges nothing! They continue to use the same grounds that have already been used twice before… they have a vendetta on this man and have set him up once again…